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Sumeru Mind Power Research & Training Centre is a premium social training institute, people focused and absolutely aware that appropriate technology, best health, fundamental wellness education and directives that can sustain life.

Sumeru Mind Power Research & Training Centre seeks to establish the truth that the mind and body are inseparable to ensure complete health of the individual and the society. Its activities concentrates on two main themes - body and mind - in all its activities that it believes will sustain life.

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There are three distinct areas in your life that affect your mind, and each needs special care to attain success. First, there are the thoughts and choices you make in the present. These are affected by your habits, personality, disciplines and maturity. Second, there is your past which acts as a frame of reference for all your observations and interpretations. Third, there is your personal purpose: the very reason we are created.Negative images in past life shape our mind in bad way.

Discrimination, lack of care, bitter experiences from friends and relatives pierce into our mind and sometimes result in keeping away from others. Desire or a strong ambition by mind is essential for a man to set his goal and ensure success. We believe passionately in the mind potential and Sumeru Mind Power devoted to teach you how to use Mind Power.

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